19 May 2013


Steven Moffat, the executive producer of Doctor Who called Future.Inc "Terrific. Really clever and really sad". And it is.

Set just a few years from now, this short film turns our present ideas around social media on its head.  Whereas today we join Facebook and the like and make contact with friends of yesteryear, Future.Inc suggests the opposite.  What if, instead of making contact with friends from the past we can, instead, establish a connection with those from the far future?

Written by Andrew Ellard and directed by Martin Stirling (whose website describes him as director / writer / douchebag!), Future Inc features Hils Barker as the hapless Rose, the awkward office worker who gains a new lease of life thanks to the new social network.  Be warned, though, you may need a hanky if you are of a lachrymose nature. Unsurprisingly, Future.Inc won the Sci-Fi London 48 hour film challenge last year.