11 May 2013

Moon Goddess

Ladies, you have probably met someone like him: the hopeless lecher who just won’t give up, the one who thinks he's perfect and just assumes you will fancy the pants off him, the one who keeps winking and sniggering and rubbing his... OK, that's enough.

Thank goodness for you if you haven't met this type but the moon goddess featured in this animated short by Melanie Atwater certainly has – in fact, he is there, skulking about in the bushes each evening when she descends from the moon for her nightly bathe.  So, what's a goddess do?

Yes – turn him in to a stag (I think  this particular moon goddess is based on Artemis who did that sort of thing all the time).  However, not even that works,  but the goddess has one or two more tricks up her sleeve…

Melanie created Moon Goddess as her third year film at CalArts.