4 May 2013

West of the Moon

I can’t say I understood much of this until the denouement but then I don’t think you are really supposed to. An old man wakes up after a card game with a robot and remembers his life, taking in love and loss, war and peace, walruses and bullrings. Wonderfully surreal our hero (played as an old man by Jacob Whitkin, a young man by Michael Garbe and narrated in his best gravel by Michael Galvin) lives the high and lowlights of his existence in front of our eyes.

This superb short film was based on El Monstruo de Colores No Tiene Boca (a book of children’s dreams by Roger Omar). Written, Directed, & Animated by Brent Bonacorso, West of the Moon has won Best Short Film at five festivals and was in the official selection at many others. Go get yourself a cup of whatever your beverage of choice may be, some snacks and wide screen this beautiful and elegiac slice of the bizarre.