23 October 2011

Where Are We Going?

David Coiffier of Pixel’s Revenge has done it again with this outstanding new time-lapse video, filmed all over the world. It is a little different in both terms of tone and gravity from his slow motion soda explosion we featured a few months ago, but if anything it is more engaging.  Take a tour around the world and glimpse places both strange and familiar shot in a way that engages and opens the sense of wonder inside!  True, the film may ask more questions than it answers. Perhaps that is why it is called Where Are We Going?

Some places are obvious, but you may be scratching your head about others. Just in case you were wondering, the places are Paris, NYC, Petites Dalles, Normandy (cliffs and beach), Martinik (clouds), Mare island, New Caledonia, Queyras, Alps, Tuscany (clouds), La Clusaz, Alps, (clouds sea),- Ladakh, India, and Las Campanas, Chili (crazy night sky).