24 October 2011

French Post-it War Goes Global

It all started in July. As far as anyone can tell the first salvoes of the war came from the offices of Ubisoft in Montreuil, Paris, in late July. August is traditionally a quiet time for the workers of France, the employees of the French video developer must have had a little time on their hands.One of them, at least, came up with a plan to relieve the boredom.

They began to create images of iconic games and the associated characters – out of post-its – on the windows of their office. A single post-it became a pixel and soon there were post-it pictures on a number of their workers. The workers in the BNP banks across the road took this display of art d’ennui as something of a challenge. The staff their ‘retaliated’ with speed, returning the Ubisoft challenge with cartoons, 80s video games characters and street art.

This soon spread – as good ideas do – across France and soon the displays were becoming more elaborate.

Many thanks to Flickr User Geoslideshow (website here) for a photograph of perhaps the most elaborate of all. With the oxygen of publicity, slow at first, the war began to spread across Europe. It has now reached the United States. Before long the world should be fully engaged in the world’s first global post-it war. Until the workers become bored, that is, and move on to something else (some work, perhaps!).

 Sydney, Australia

Antwerp, Belgium

Arnhem, Netherlands

Hamburg, Germany

Brussels, Belgium

Stockholm, Sweden

San Francisco, California

Downtown Seattle, Washington
Many thanks to Kuriositas reader Jennifer Lankenau who emailed this in.

Have you taken part in the Great Post-it War of 2011 or seen a great example? Then send us your pic (and tell us where it was taken of course!) and we will include it here!