23 October 2011

Somali Pirates Vs Robots

I am really not too sure about whether to post this or not - see what you think and please do make comment, perhaps I am being oversensitive and should just take it as the fun it is intended to be.

Created by Saatchi and Saatchi for the Turkish export company Vestel, this CGI drenched TV advert pits Somali pirates against a team of robots hidden on board a cargo ship, you know, just in case they are boarded by Somali pirates. While its production values are extremely high I do wonder whether or not this TV advert would make it on to the screens in many countries, being so absolutely sure which specific nationality the robots are fighting. 

As Somalia is effectively without government or leadership it does seem like kicking an entire country while it is down.  However, having said that, none of the pirates featured here look or sound like any of the many Somalis I have had the pleasure to meet.  I do too, wonder what Paul and Rachel Chandler, the British couple captured and held by Somali pirates for over a year would think of this. Wryly imagine what they would have done with their very own Vestel robot? I doubt it.  Let me know what you think? Should this be regarded as just for fun or in poor taste?