8 October 2011

Steve Jobs - Collective Commemorations The World Over

When Steve Jobs died on 5 October there was, inevitably, huge news coverage of his passing. The great, the good made themselves available to opine about the man. Yet Steve Jobs was a man of the people and did as much to change popular culture and the way it is experienced as any man over the last century. And so the people came out - a global show of respect reserved for so very few of us. The celebration of his life and mourning of his death was marked by many ordinary people by a visit to their local Apple store. There they could join with others to pay tribute collectively and individually to Steve Jobs. Here is a selection of their tributes from around the world.

Alpharetta, Georgia

Soho, New York

London, United Kingdom

Chicago, Illinois

Sydney, Australia

Palo Alto, California

Toronto, Canada

Clarendon, Virginia


Tokyo, Japan

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hong Kong, China

Bangkok, Thailand

San Francisco, California

Barcelona, Spain

Cupertino, California