26 October 2011

The Glorious Pie Adventure

This is, as the title puts it, simply glorious.  A magnificent housewife, danced here by Ljiljana Gvozdenović bakes the cake of her dreams.  This is a video work that questions widely accepted film and theater concepts presented to the audience by exploring relationships between content and the means of its presentation. It is hopefully the first in a series of such videos.

The video was directed by Dejan Gotić and getting Ljiljana Gvozdenović (the very famous Croatian ballet dancer) to star must have been something of a coup!   Gvozdenović has danced the solo and principal roles in ballets such as Giselle, Devil in the Village, Four Temperaments, Legend of Ohrid, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Dancing Cadet, Three Sisters, Carmina Krležijana Songs of Love and Death, and Cinderella. She is ably accompanied here by the lovely Matea Gregurić  and Dora Kokolj.

Simply wonderful.