27 October 2011

Now, For The Last Time, Japan

Most people who travel through a foreign country keep mementoes, photos or videos of their time engaging with another culture, another people.  Friends and relatives are shown these memories (and are often bored silly by them in all honesty). Then the pictures go in to an album, the videos are consigned to the old hard drive and, slowly but surely they are accessed less and less.

Others, like Sander Wisman, take their various media files and mould them in to something entirely new – something which Grandma might want to sit through again and again for sure, or that they can share with the entire world.  This short film gathers up all his memories of his trip to Japan and makes it in to a personal paean to the country. Topped with a great soundtrack from Future World Music (their track Dreamscapes and Wishes forms the musical accompaniment), flawless editing and great timelapse sequences, this is one of the best ‘adverts’ for visiting Japan I have ever seen!