28 October 2011

Three Fifteen

This is wonderful and represents part of the final year degree project at Toonskool Advanced Animation Academy (the leader in Animation Education in India) for five very talented students, Aditya Tawde, Harsh Sharma, Kushal Bhor, Dipesh Motivaras and Perzan pandol. You will very quickly realize why the wonderfully named Toonskool has such a good reputation – this is very fine work for undergraduates – one can only guess at the work they will produce in the future.

A robot awakes to find himself on a mission – and I think I will leave the description for fear of spoilers! You may well guess the reveal (as I did) fairly early on but that did nothing to diminish my enjoyment of this enigmatic animated short. Plus there is another twist in the tale right at the end which I didn’t guess (but perhaps should have). I could say that if the young M. Night Shyamalan had turned his hand to animation, this could easily have been the result!