21 April 2013

The Pre-Mortem One-Liner

We all enjoy James Bond’s post-mortem one-liners even though we have been expecting them for decades and each new one doesn't really get much better than the last.  Somewhat overshadowed, it seems, are the pre-mortem one-liners – that pithy remark or comment made just before delivering the final blow or gun shot or laser blast to the arch enemy of the movie (or just one of the baddies).  Plot Point Productions have put that right with this montage of one-liners that happen just before someone gets their comeuppance.

There are what you might call the usual suspects here, Clint, Bruce, Samuel and Arnold along with relative newcomers like Gerald. There are also one or two which might surprise you. Plus there are variations on a theme – perhaps "[place a verb in the imperative here] THIS!" being my favorite with a number of contributions shown here in all their gory glory.

And – hurrah! – as well as the pre-mortem liner, the last part of this video shows us the mortem too.  I suspect this may be the highest body count Kuriositas may have ever hosted (and apologies to those of you who don't like extreme words, there are a few of those in here too!).