26 April 2013

Star Wars Prequel Apologist

There comes a time in most relationships when confessions have to become the order of the day.  You have met, fallen for each other but there is that little something that you have previously failed to mention.  If you don’t bring it in to the open now you will always be afraid that the relationship might falter should it come out in the future. For one half of a pair of happy science fiction fans that moment has come.  The secret must be revealed – that he likes those movies, that he is a Star Wars Prequel Apologist.

Will this tale have a happy ending? Watch and see, though perhaps the moral of this particular tale could be quit while you're ahead!

Written, directed and edited by Robert Ronan I have to say that this gave me a chuckle – mostly because I have seen scenes similar to this played out in a number of relationships.  This particular couple is played by Cat Tran and Patrick B (perhaps that’s his name or perhaps he doesn’t want to risk being found guilty by association!).