9 April 2013

Espresso Manifesto Kickstarter Campaign

A while ago we featured Espresso Manifesto, an animated short in the process of creation by Shaun Pitz who is an independent animator working in Michigan's Upper Peninsula not to mention a coffee aficionado.

The good news is that Espresso Manifesto is near completion and now just needs an original soundtrack before it can be labelled complete.

Now here’s the rub.  One of the bylines of the movie is when life hands you beans, make coffee and Shaun needs some beans!

Soundtracks don’t come cheap and in order to successfully make that final leap to the finishing point Shaun needs your help.  He has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the final funds for the project and is offering all sorts of goodies associated with the movie in return for your generosity.  Take a look by clicking on the poster!