13 April 2013

Dead Space: Live Action Video Game Trailer

Eric Zaragoza is a big fan of three things: science fiction, filmmaking, and video games which may not make him that unusual in 2013, the nerd having well and truly risen.  Yet he has done something a little more adventurous with his time than your average science fiction, filmmaking, video gaming fan boy.  He has combined all three to create Dead Space: Chase to Death. It is inspired by the video game of the same name and I have to say, for a fan-made film (on, I am assuming, a limited budget) this looks amazing – and it made me jump a couple of time too.

The Dead Space series (if you know this, skip this paragraph) is a hugely successful game now in its third incarnation and follows the gore-drenched adventures of engineer Isaac Clarke and (what remains of) his crew aboard the mining ship Ishimura which they had been sent to investigate.  On board they find the ship overrun by necromorphs (twenty sixth century zombies, effectively) which of course our engineer (named after Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke) has to fight his way through. There’s more to it than that but you get the drift.

I think any fan of Dead Space will really enjoy this lovingly made tribute to the massively popular third-person shooter survival horror video game. It seems a number of the team at Visceral (the maker of Dead Space) have already seen it and given it their seal of approval – and who wouldn’t? It’s great!