23 April 2013

Evian – Baby and Me – Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Sponsored article. If this doesn't put a smile on your face then nothing will!  You must remember the Evian advertising campaigns a few years ago with the roller skating babies, swiftly followed up by the 50,000 baby dancers? Well, they say that all good things come in threes and this new campaign – very appropriately called Baby and Me – puts the veritable icing on the cake.

As with all good advertising the premise is simple.  A man is walking down the street minding his own business when he comes across a mirror which reflects back at him a young version of himself – a very young version!

Presented with this reflection he cannot resist trying out a few moves – and that’s where this ad gets very funny.  No sooner does he start experimenting with his baby reflection, other people in the street discover that they can participate too.  Soon, young and old are baby-bopping with their miniscule mirror image!

Evian have really hit the nail on the head now and improvements in CGI means that the dancing babies are even more realistic than in the previous ad campaigns.  As the participants enjoy themselves on screen it is impossible not to smile yourself and reflect that they have pulled off something quite astonishing and exhilarating yet again.

In the near future watch out for the Baby & Me app (of course!) which will, thanks to face recognition software, enable you to ‘babify’ yourself – not to mention your friends and family.