8 April 2013

Shave It!

What’s a monkey to do when his rain forest is torn down around him?  This one, for sure, isn’t for giving up so easily – with the help of a little human technology he recreates himself in the best if you can’t beat them, join them manner possible and joins the homo sapiens in the city.  Yet in his heart, despite his many successes in the world of the humans, there is something missing.  Will he finally restore the balance to his life? You will just have to watch this amazing, multicolored animated short from 3DAR to find out.

3DAR is a creative studio from Buenos Aires. It is a group of creative individuals that has been evolving together for over 7 years. They are currently developing commercials and art for a number of top brands and pride themselves on their project work which they take from concept to the last stage of refinement.  In terms of a calling card, Shave It! certainly showcases the group’s creativity, storytelling abilities and ability to get a message across to an audience beautifully.