29 April 2013

Project Kronos

We have featured any number of documentaries on Kuriositas but this is the first to cover events which have yet to take place.  Set a few decades from now, Project Kronos tells the story, through the words of key personnel involved, of a mission to achieve interstellar travel for the first time.  In order to facilitate this, scientists have gone to extreme (some might say unethical) lengths to ensure that images come back from the mission once it has launched.  If I said it involved the most sophisticated computer ever evolved then you get the drift.

Written and Directed by Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulull (who has worked on Planet Dinosaur, Hellboy II and The Dark Knight among many other TV series and movies), Project Kronos does cover some familiar territory – then what science fiction doesn’t if truth be told?  That said, this is done with great style and intelligence - and it was thought-provoking to see the narrative pursued in a documentary manner which is a difficult trick to pull off. It's also great to watch something in this genre that doesn't give us all the answers but proves a more than satisfactory watch nonetheless.