19 July 2011

Science Made Simple

Sometimes science can be horribly complicated and while some bandy words about without question; others scratch their heads and wonder what on earth they are talking about! Science Made Simple is a series of 15 animated interstitials produced for TVNZ 7, a New Zealand TV station, aimed at demystifying and defining commonly used, but little understood, scientific and technological jargon. The series focuses on the defiition of the sort of words viewers may read in the newspaper, but don't always understand.

Here are three of the interstitials – simply but cleverly animated. So, have you ever wondered what quantum physics is?  You can familiarize yourself with terms such as superposition, Schrödinger’s cat, the many worlds theory and then move on to genetics.  There you can find out about genetic modification – how transferring a gene from one organism to another can transfer characteristics. Finally you will get to learn about the superconductor – and how it can conduct electricity without losing electricity.

So, there you are: now you can bore people silly talk with confidence about these aspects of science.