10 July 2011

SadBot 4000

If Sundays make you feel a little melancholy, then here is something to cheer you up.  After all, they say that misery loves company.  This is the tale of a sad little bot who has nothing much to do on a rainy day – in some ways he reminds me of me when I was a kid.  Yet you can read something a little darker and more adult if you chose to so – it’s just I prefer not to!

Talking of childhood this also reminds me of the way my grandmother would take the leftovers of one meal and turn it in to something quite new the next day.  So it is with this short movie – SadBot 4000 is the remains of a previous project by filmmaker Eric B Shanks.  I know there isn’t a real cutting room floor anymore but metaphorically that is where this footage would have been had it not been for a case of creative cabin fever as he puts it.  SadBot 4000 was created in three hours.  I know -  I have just gone a little green around the gills too.

The song, just in case you are wonderfing is Holocene from Bon Iver.