28 July 2011

Dragonboy Wins Gold Medal at Student Academy Awards

Last year we brought you the marvelous animation Dragonboy, which was created by three Academy of Art University students. Created as a collaborative thesis by Bernardo Warman, Shaofu Zhang and Lisa Allen (pictured above) the animation was entered for the Student Academy Awards, which is conducted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and is now in its 38th year.

You may have guessed (from the title of this post alone!) that these alum of the Academy of Arts University, located in San Francisco went on to win a Gold Medal for Dragonboy in the Student Academy Awards in Animation.  This is no mean feat - past winners have included such global names as Spike Lee and Robert Zemeckis. The team at Kuriositas would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the talented trio who will no doubt go on to great things in their chosen field.

The Academy of Art University has an interview with the Gold Medal winners over at their website in which they talk about their work and what they are doing since graduation.  In the meantime, are you scratching your head about the animated short movie which won them their prize? It was one of our very favorites from last year.

If you are new to Kuriositas, then it is the story of one little guy, whose moment in the spotlight in the school play will stay with him forever. This charming animation covers a lot of what you might expect from the yearly Christmas performance.  A knight. A princess. A dragon. Three little kids. And an epic battle for love and honor.

Once again, congratulations to Bernardo Warman, Shaofu Zhang and Lisa Allen.