2 April 2011

TrustoCorp – Satirical Upstart Art

TrustoCorp. It sounds as if it might be a global organisation bent on domination from a film such as RoboCop or Blade Runner and perhaps they may just as well be. Although the truth is somewhat different very little is known about this mysterious artist (or perhaps collective). One thing is known – TrustoCorp’s work is becoming more and more recognized and popular.

There are some for sure who know who TrustoCorp is (or are) they are keeping their lips tight shut. Nothing is quite as enigmatic as an unknown but hugely talented artist(s) but it does have to be said that their number is growing in to a potentially tediously large number.

That aside, there is some information we can impart about the mysterious TrustoCorp. He, she or they are based in New York City and this is where there humorous street signs and product labels first began to appear. They seem to like travel, but not necessarily out of the comfort zone of the US. TrustoCorp work can be found in San Francisco, Miami and San Diego. Nowhere else.

Quite what they want is also something of a mystery – however it is perfectly likely that they may not want anything more than to brighten up people’s day albeit in a somewhat mischievous manner. They communicate only via email – one to the American ABC News network stated that they were "dedicated to highlighting the hypocrisy and hilarity of human behavior through sarcasm and satire." We thought they might.

Although the satire is there – and it is sharp – it is directed at humanity in general and not at specific individuals, although you might occasionally recognize yourself as a target in their work. For example, they have placed ‘Fat Zone’ notices up outside of fast food restaurants, with the additional information that dieting is un-American (and therefore should be banned).

Yet, the fact that TrustoCorp’s arrow is aimed at the broadest of targets – all of us – it still hits its target with surpreme accuracy.

It seems that whenever the fire department in New York spots one of TrustoCorp’s statements they are contractually obliged to take down the offending piece of art. One can only hope that these brave city employees stash the works at home rather than surrendering them for destruction – these pieces may well be worth a small fortune in the future.

Cheeky, irreverent and – quite frankly – upstart, TrustoCorp also place their rebranded goods in to stores under the noses of their unsuspecting proprietors. If you live in the American cities named above, particularly New York, you should really keep an eye out. You might be shopping for artichokes and end up with art instead.