25 April 2011

Finding Time

This is interesting on several layers, not least because I have occasionally wondered what I would do if I could travel back in time or what the consequences might be if I could. A young scientist discovers just that and where does he go? He travels back two years to warn his past self not to continue with his work. Why? Well, that is up to you to find out but it does lead to an interesting conversation between the scientist and his past self – or should that be the scientist and his future self?

The short movie was written, directed, and edited by Ivan Kander. It was shot digitally in Washington, DC and Maryland in April of 2010 and is a Lucky 9 Studios production. Hats off to the acting lead, Greg Magee, who had the difficult job of spending the whole movie pretty much talking to himself - but pulls it off well. Of course, the script helps – my favorite line was ‘Really Harris, you shouldn’t beat yourself up over this.’ Yet doesn’t this whole situation create a paradox or something like that? Perhaps those more seriously geeky than myself could comment below!