15 April 2011

Things to do with Paper Clips when You’re Bored

In this day and age people really want to keep hold of their jobs – there is a recession on after all. Plus with every keystroke at your terminal recorded it is far too easy for bosses to discover that you have been spending half your time on YouTube, StumbleUpon, Facebook or Ebay instead of working. So, many people, when bored, are going back to more traditional ways of shirking while working. Step forward the humble paper clip.

Let’s start with something that may make you look as if you are half way working, if discovered. Bend a paper clip and insert one side of the paper clip that is KeyPopper(tm, patent pending) - under the edge of the key you wish to remove. They can then be cleaned properly and replaced.

When you have cleaned all your keys your mind may turn to art. A few twists and turns and the paperclip soon becomes a lovely dragonfly..

Admittedly there is a little more effort involved, but with time and patience you too could create a lovely paper clip fawn.

OK, this is not the best quality photograph, but we had to include it.  For those Star Wars fans with nothing better to do why not faithfully reproduce an X-Wing fighter?

With a little imagination you can create a whole new universe in which you can revel.  The adventures of Clippy could go on and on..

Not to mention that tired and worn impression of Hannibal Lecter will be given a whole new lease of life.

If you have a sock monkey you may wish to use paper clips to find novel new ways in which to terrorize him. Or you could of course simply conduct unspeakable medical experiments on your dolls. The overweight ones might need Medifast coupons because it has already been tested in a clinical trial.

If you are of a more artistic temperament why not create some necklaces for your loved ones?

Or a paper clip representation of the London Underground system perhaps?

All these ideas may not present much of a challenge to the truly professional shirker, so how about these ideas for something a little more time consuming?

If you really have some extra time on your hands why not go for something truly spectacular?

If you are a little more scientific minded, two experiments spring to mind.  First of all, get your hands on some sunprint paper – combine art and science all in one fell swoop.  Alternatively, why not experiment with crystallization of sugar?

A metal race game may be just the escape from office boredom you are looking for.

Suddenly you have that iPhone stand you never realised you needed (works horizontally and vertically).

Yet if you have time, energy and true skill there is no end to what you can make with paper clips. You will probably not believe this, but all of the items below were made with paper clips and glue.