15 April 2011

Rose’s Retro Robots Rock!

This is the kind of art that Kuriositas is all about. We recently came across the work of Cris Rose and had to share it with you because it is just so bloody brilliant, to be quite frank. It might be described as an acquired taste for some, but for us the attraction was immediate. Beautifully designed little robots with a mission – and a back-story you can simply make up as you go along.

Rose is an artist and designer in his twenties who graduated from Brunel University with a degree in Product Design. Yet – fortunately for us – he is concentrating on products of his own and these robots are objects which you just want to pick up and enjoy (and there might be some hugging involved too, but don’t tell anyone!).

What we particularly like about these robots is their decidedly retro look and they also have something of the steampunk about them. There is also more than a little manga thrown in for good measure.

Yet each is unique and looks like it has had a life full of adventure. Some TV producer should really take a look at Cris Rose’s work – an animated kid’s TV series focusing on their escapades would be brilliant – especially if the focus of their exploits was the ecological and green.

It would be a little like The Wombles for the twenty first century! At the moment, as all of Rose's robots are hand made there are very few for sale - but you can still get them for prices which to us seem more than fair for all the work and care that goes in to their production.  Click here to see what is currently available.

Alternatively, you can always head over to Cris Rose's Flickr Photostream where he keeps a very up to date catalogue of his creations.