18 April 2011

Charles, Your Hangover

If this hasn’t happened to you, then possibly something similar has (I know it has to me).  Have you ever had an evening of excess which has meant that you have woken up with the most dreadful hangover?  Well, this short film imagines just that but with a slight difference.  Martin had a great deal to drink with his buddy the night before and now he has to go to work with a terrible hangover. The problem is, the hangover has taken shape and has a name – Charles.

It is quite useful to blame a hangover for many things and certainly Charles is the bane of the life of his poor victim Martin.  However, so in drink in life – perhaps people like Charles are brought in to our lives to punish us for things we know we should not have done? A funny short, this was Written & Directed by Two Trick Pony and the cinematography is by JK Pincosy.  It was edited by Zephyr Muntari and the sound is by Alex Bello