2 April 2011

Ex Girlfriend Cereal

The Crunchy Delicious way to forget about the ones you once loved!

Sometimes when you break up there is only one thing for it – to brush yourself down and get on with your life.  Whether or not Ex Girlfriend Cereal will help is anyone’s guess (although my suspicions err towards the negative, it does look as if Derek Sellens had a lot of fun making this. The Kansas based writer and director captures some of the misery of a break up here in a very funny way.  Well, we laughed.

It was inspired by his first major break up but what you see in the advert here is not, rest assured for poor old Derek, quite what happened in real life.  In fact he gets on sufficiently well with his ex that she posed for the picture on the front of the cereal box in the video.  We only need a small caveat too – for the sake of Derek’s unnamed ex – she didn’t do any of the things that are featured here.

Of course, we only have Derek’s work for that!