2 April 2011

Plants in Test Tubes

I have never been much of a fan of cut flowers around the house – it seems to be a family thing as my mother has something of a phobia as well, to the point where she simply cannot countenance them. We both put it down to the fact that although they look wonderful for a day or two then the inevitable starts to happen and they wilt and die. That process takes away the whole pleasure of having had them displayed in their prime in the first place. Perhaps we cannot bear to be reminded of our own mortality – or perhaps we should have learned to throw flowers out sooner.

However, this display by Spanish website Artesania Florae really turned my head, combining as it does my dual love of art and science. Plus it does look very much as if these particular plants (name, anyone?) will take root in the test tubes and last a great deal of time. They are, to me, very aesthetically pleasing too (and while I realize that one man’s meat is another’s poison, what’s not to like?).