30 April 2011

Royal Wedding? Mad Dogs and Englishmen!

OK, let’s face it.  By now you have had your fill of gorgeous dresses, fabulous uniforms, centuries old pageantry and possibly weddings in general.  Yet, as Kate and William zoom off to their honeymoon, no doubt pursued by the paparazzi you we should take a second or two (and no longer perhaps) to raise our hats, metaphorically, to those people without whom a royal wedding would simply not be the same.

So, thank you mad people everywhere!  The manner in which you surpassed yourselves exceeded our every expectation. You may be bonkers but we love you! So let’s take a look at some of the mad dogs and Englishmen who ventured out in the mid morning sun (or before in some cases) on April 29. Ah, those crazy Brits.  Did you know they used to run half the world?  There's a lesson there somewhere...!

Oh yes.  Below are those mad dogs we promised you.  Excuse me?  What do you mean? Well, you might say that - I couldn't possibly comment!

...and finally, because everyone loves a happy ending!