12 September 2010

California and Arizona Time Lapse - Stunning

I have to admit - I get out quite a lot - but this is one of the most stunning pieces of time lapse movie making I have ever seen.  In other words, I kid thee not.  Put simply, this is amazing and the camera work is incredible - the camera pans out and along while the film lapses (probably not the technical term, but you get what I mean).

It takes to the desert vistas (with some small visits to civilsation) of California, along Highway 395 but does take the occasional sojourn in to Arizona along the way.

Some of the clips are long or hyper lapse as they are known which is a technique which is catching on in the world (yes there is one) of time lapse photography.  It is the creation of Dan Eckert who is a photographer of great experience (it shows) and who says that he has have designed camera mounts for cameras that haven't been made yet.

If I wasn't able to see superb quality when I see it, I could have taken a look at the masses of comments that have been left on Mr Eckert's Vimeo page where this video has its home.  So, sit  back and take a journey through the wilds of California and Arizona...