18 September 2010

The Unstoppable Binary Bros

Jake Hollomon created this amusing animated short for his Senior Thesis at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.  If you have ever wondered what happens when you send an email then this animation will answer your question, albeit in a somewhat allegorical metaphoric form.

The film focuses in on the Binary Brothers who operate a courier service within the web.  As soon as an email is sent they spring in to action - their aim being to get it to its destination as quickly as possible.  Of course, there are hindrances on the way - the internet is full of traffic to slow them down, not to mention roadblocks and the appearance of an enormous spam blocking robot that looks like a Transformer on acid.

What makes this animation so exceptional is that Hollomon drew every element by hand.  It was then processed and colored in that old favorite of ours, Photosop and the animation was created with AfterEffects.  All in all it took Hollomon five months to complete - and it can only be hoped that he received a very high grade for his Senior Thesis.

The Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA to its allumni - we wonder if they call it Pincer?!) is based in Portland, Oregon.  It has nine departments in the field of Fine Arts, providing both Bachelors and Masters degrees.  It also has a remit to provide arts education to the local community.

Jake Hollomon is one of their recent graduates and at the moment he is pursuing freelance projects but his goal is to own his own studio where he will be Art and Design Director.  We think that will probably happen - after all he has been immersed in design through his own volition since the age of ten.