10 September 2010

Every Home Needs a Harvey

The newest hit TV advert in the UK is to enourage advertising itself.  Created by agency Red Brick Road agency for Thinkbox, its aim is to show the powerful effect that TV adverts can have.  And it is funny. 

A couple are looking for a new pet so they visit the local dog's home to see if they can choose a dog to adopt.  The first two dogs are adorable and then comes the third. If ugly is cute, then Harvey is the most beautiful dog ever.  However, this canny pooch is well aware of his shortcomings and has created a TV ad to effectively sell himself.

There isn't anything this dog can't do.  He can mow the lawn, play chess, do the school run as well as help with chores around the house such as ironing, cooking and cleaning. The tag line at the end is Every home needs a Harvey.

With a cool soundtrack - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by Bachman-Turner Overdrive (which either puts a sell by date on the creative minds behind this or amply demonstrates their parents' taste) from 1974   The team include Justin Tindall as Creative Director and Andy McLeod as Director with Gemmap Philips as Copywriter.

I wonder how much a TV ad for Kuriositas would cost?