1 September 2010

Peace Shadow Project

Artist Tatsuo Miyajima visited a museum when he was young and what he discovered there he found difficult to accept.  How could a weapon destroy someone so completely that all that was left was an outline of their shadow where they once stood?

Now with the help of the Peace Shadow Project he has set up a remarkable website.

The aim of the Peace Shadow site is for people all over the world to submit pictures of themselves.  These pictures will then be converted in to shadows, but named and numbered as the collection increases.

These pictures of shadows will then be displayed throughout the world, particularly in nuclear countries.  It is an interactive project and, thanks to their marvellous flash driven website, you can submit your own Peace Shadow and join in with the project.

It is hoped that the pictures will quietly speak of the desire for a nuclear free world.  Take a look at the website – it really is something quite extraordinary, a fusion of art, politics and Web 2.0.