12 September 2010

I'm Going to Disneyland

You may have seen those TV ads from child protection agencies.  If you have and they upset you then I would really advise that you do not watch this animation.  It is a story told through the eyes of a young boy of his relationship with his parents. The Waltons it ain't. It shows graphic child abuse, albeit in animated form (which does not make the guts wrench any less I am afraid).

Created using pencil drawings and rendered in stark black and white this 3 minute animated short film (which has been nominated for prizes) was made by French animator Antoine Blandin.  The style is deliberately simple - after all, this is a child's view of life and the it is described through his own (quite naturally) childish eyes.  There is some dark ironic humor at play here which only adds to the overall effect.  As you may expect from a European filmmaker there are no Disneyish touches, despite the title. The best adjective I can come up with for this animation is stark.

Yet the animation does achieve what I believe it sets out to do - and that is to provoke thought.  In fact I found it quite difficult to get out of my head for quite a while afterwards. See what you think and please, make comment below.