6 September 2010

The Gentleman's Guide to Villainy

Ah, how many of us long for the days when things were more simple - more black and white?  Times when men were men, women were women and villains were - exactly that.

Villains.  Hah.  None of your Phil Mitchell on crack millarkey - these guys really used to know how to top up the bad quotient to the max.  Plus, if it didn't work the first time they were jolly well prepared to try and do it all over again.

So perhaps you might agree with me on this animated short. I loved this pastiche on 1920s black and white movie villainy by Aidan McAteer.  He has been working between Dublin and London for the last six years - producing work for various TV series.  You may recognise his work from shows such as Peppa Pug, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and The Secret Show.  Or you may be an adult.  Whatever - this website gets some of them every now and again.

Oh - and spiffing music by Kevin MacLeod too.  Hurrah!