5 September 2010

The Invasion from Alpha Centauri!

I just had to share this.  Matthew Robertson created this movie trailer for his senior project while he was studying at the Art Institute of Philadelphia.  Inspired by all those classic films from the 1950s that had you watching from behind the couch when you were a kid, this is a fond homage reloaded for the twenty first century.  If you enjoyed Earth Vs The Flying Saucers or War of the Worlds, then you will love this.

The only shame is that it is a trailer! This really is so well done that you want to get on to Amazon and pre-order the DVD (a note for future a future project for Mr Robertson, perhaps?).  When you realise that, as a student project, that this was probably executed under the constraints of a limited budget then it makes it all the more wonderful.  A thoroughly enjoyable 94 seconds!

The CG modelling was done in Maya and the compositing in After Effects.  The music is borrowed from Danny Elfman's score for Mars Attacks