10 September 2010

Pesky Pirates - Very Funny Star Trek Spoof

Subtitled The Continuous Franchise, this Star Trek spoof is one that rewards patience - after the opening credits (and you adjust to the voices!) then you are in for a treat. The story? Kirk, Spock et al are ordered by the Federation to intercept an enemy vessel. Their brief is to stop internet piracy and to do this they must ensure that the aliens sever their wireless connection and surrender their hard drive. Unfotunately Kirk is rather too fond of streaming videos than he should be.

Hilarity ensues.  Twilight, Heroes, and Titanic, N-Sync, Rick Astley and Desperate Housewives are among the many icons to receive name checks here.  It's an adventure the crew of the Enterprise never actually enjoyed - but one you wish they had.

OK, the voices get better - and we loved the one liner from Uhura.  As you might imagine there were a number of people involved in this project, Derek Sellens seems to be the ring leader (as it were!) - he is a writer and Director from Kansas who also does a lot of Visual Effects.Mr Sellens and your cohort we salute you.  Live long and prosper!

We should perhaps point out too that the video contains a few moments that, strictly speaking are not safe for work. But hey, I'm European - I have an open mind!