1 September 2010

Treebeard is in the Car Park

There has been something slightly bothering me when I get to the car park for a for a while now. You know how it is - something at the back of your mind that makes you think that somehow you are being watched?  Well, I finally realised today what it was that had been bothering me for so long. Treebeard is in the Car Park.

Hobbit botherin'?  Not today.  Fast asleep is old Treebeard.

Look, there he is, in the center of this picture, as clear as day.  Ancient, sleepy and venerable, he has been there all this time, while I stagger in to work in a somnambulistic state.  I won't tell you how long I have worked there, but not to have noticed him before is a little shameful, to say the least.

Treabeard, perhaps I should explain, is from the Lord of the Rings.  He is the oldest of the species of trees called Ents and usually lives in the Forest of Fanghorn, when he isn't enjoying a sleepy sojourn in Lewisham, South East London.  And why not be sleepy?  After all his own motto is don't be hasty.

I can think of a few Orcs he can squish, right here, right now - if he would just wake up!

Still can't see the similarity?  OK, I don't do Photoshop (you will soon see why that statement did not really have to be made) but when Treabeard awakes, you may recall his features....

Bad?  What about this then?
OK, that is as good as it gets this end... can you do better?  I think so!  Crikey, I hope so.  All of you Photoshop experts out there - want to do something with Treabeard here?  Do what you will and email them to me - and they can take pride of place below!

Small hobbit sized prize to the best entrant!