9 June 2013

Living Statue Levitation

Opinion is divided on the subject of living statues.  If you have traveled to any major world city then you know who I mean: the street entertainers who spend hours dressing up and applying makeup and then spend the rest of the day rooted to the spot (unless to collect money from bemused tourists or frighten small children, both of which are fine by me considering the labors they have gone through to effect their appearance).  They either fascinate, creep out or both in equal parts. Yet this is a new one on me – the living statue apparently suspended in mid-air and looking quite relaxed about it too. So, how does he do it?

These shots of a very  aurelian Prince Charles were taken last week by Flickr Photographer Eugene Kaspersky.  Taking possibly the only opportunity to bask in the British sunshine he will have this side of the next century, the heir to the throne apparently whisked himself away from Buckingham Palace and set himself up on his invisible throne on London’s South Bank.

OK, I am pretty sure that it isn’t really Prince Charles (although he could do with getting a proper job instead of spending his life on state benefits!).  However, one thing that perplexed me was how, exactly, this possibly regal street performer was doing what he was doing – apparently balancing comfortably (some might even say languidly) in mid-air.  Pictures taken around him seem to indicate no obvious means of support.

You have probably worked it out by now but I have to admit it took me a while to guess the method and it is ingenious (but not necessarily to say the least even though it is very, very clever).  I am not going to share his secret with you here – spoilers! However, just down the road in London’s Covent Garden, a not very realistic Yoda is doing his levitation thing.  Lack of verisimilitude aside, how the heck is he doing that?*

All photographs, except Yoda, by Flickr Photographer Eugene Kaspersky
*Answer: the same way!