26 June 2013

The Future of Television: It's Magic!

 Technology.  I think I have given up trying to understand it – I just get on and use it, almost as if it is some sort of magic! Talking of which, the Sony Smart TV is something else. There is no horribly technical set up but you can do things with it that do indeed seem like magic.

Smart TV

For a start there is the ability to place your one-touch enabled smartphone against the remote that Sony provides with the TV.  A single touch and you can see anything that is on your phone on the large TV screen. So no more squinting at videos, photos and games anymore.

Another great feature is something called the TV SideView which is great if you are, like me, one of those people who want to find out more about a TV show while it is on.  Sometimes I see an actor whose name I can’t place and that means diving for the PC and looking the show up, then trying to find the actor’s name, then getting their details.

Often by the time I have done that, half the show is over!  What the Sony Smart TV does, however, is enable you to use your smartphone or your tablet to discover more about what is on the TV in front of you.  You can even tweet as you go along, keeping yourself, your family and friends in the hash tag loop!
Not so long ago all this (if it had even been possible) would have meant a thousand cables and wires around your living space which would quickly come to resemble the interior of a spaceship from a 1950s science fiction show!  With the Sony Smart TV there are no hassles as the Wi-Fi is built in.  You can keep yourself continually connected with all your devices, from your smartphone to your Blu-ray disc player and of course, your laptop of PC.

All in all, sounds like magic to me!

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