2 June 2013

Who Will be the Next Doctor Who?

Who will replace Matt Smith?  That's the question today on a lot of lips. It only seems like five minutes since David Tennant uttered the words "I don't want to go" and Doctor Who's tenth incarnation regenerated in to the eleventh, played by Smith.  However, time being relative, all things must come to an end!

Yes, the news broke today that Matt Smith is giving up the role of Doctor Who.  The 2013 Christmas Special will see his last appearance at the helm of the Tardis.  If you are a fan of Smith’s performance you probably haven’t stopped gnashing your teeth yet, but we have a question!  Who would you like to see replace Matt Smith as Doctor Who – and why?  Your suggestions can be serious or silly – but have a little fun and let us know who should be the next incarnation of the wandering time lord!  If you don't want to make a comment below then email at taliesyn30@aol.com.

Wouldn't it be great if one of us got it right? In fact if there is a single guesser for the new Doctor, we'll send them a prize!

OK, me first, me first!

Adrian Lester is the Twelfth Doctor 
Suggested by RJ Evans, London
As Doctor Who was recently branded 'thoroughly racist' by various academics perhaps it is high time we had our first black doctor on board the Tardis?  Adrian Lester would certainly make a great Doctor in my mind. As well as being a great Shakespearean actor who would bring gravitas to the role (needed if a young man is to play the part, as seems to be the fashion!) he would also make a great contrast to Matt Smith’s manic incarnation by bringing more than a little cool on board.  He is perhaps best known for his appearance as gang leader Mickey in 42 episodes of the BBC TV serial Hustle but international viewers may remember him best for his small role as a doomed scientist in The Day After Tomorrow.

Damien Molony is the Twelfth Doctor
Suggested by Mark Mitrofanov, London, UK
"I will go for Damien Molony. He has already proven his acting mettle playing Hal the angst ridden vampire in the UK version of Being Human.  He also has plenty of stage acting experience which is also a plus for anyone playing the Doctor.  I think he is going to be in the new series of Ripper Street next year but he certainly fits in with the series’ habit of choosing relatively little known but up and coming actors for the role. Also at 29 he is about the right age to play the character (following the recent trend of youngish time lords!)".

Rupert Grint is the Twelfth Doctor
Suggested by Mike Wrigley, Leicester, UK
"Someone on another forum make a joke suggestion of Rupert Grint. Actually not a bad idea. He's only 24 but he's worked on mega blockbuster films (Harry Potter anyone?). He has worked with some if the best actors on the planet (David Tennant included) and he has a look about him, not of the chiselled Hollywood action type but more "geeky" and fun. Matt Smith was 26 when he did it so a young actor is not out of the question either." 

Anna Friel is the Twelfth Doctor
Suggested by Jenni De San Nicholas, Florida
"Perhaps it’s time for the doctor to regenerate in to female form – it would certainly turn the show on its head!  I think Anna Friel would make the perfect female Doctor – she has the looks, for sure, but also the versatility as an actress to make the doctor her own.  I think it might also be interesting in terms of the dynamics between the doctor and who she chooses to travel with in the future.  God help her if Captain Jack makes a return, though!"

Eddie Redmayne is the Twelfth Doctor
Suggested by Paul Cooper, Oxford
"Eddie Redmayne would be my choice.  He’s young (but at 29 older than I think both Smith and Tennant when they took on the role) and has proven himself an enigmatic actor in TV movies like Birdsong not to mention Hollywood ventures like My Week with Marilyn and Les Miserables – although the thought of a singing Doctor doesn’t bear thinking about. But he will, at least, finally get to be a ginger Doctor!" 

Harry Lloyd is the Twelfth Doctor
Suggested by Vincent S, London
"A number of the companions, such as Martha and Amy (the actresses at least) appeared in Doctor Who as other characters before they made their debut as the companion.  So maybe we should look back over the last few years of the show.  My best bet would be Harry Lloyd who played Jeremy Baines/ Son of Mine in the Family of Blood.  Although he played a school boy in that, he is in fact 29 years old so plenty old enough to play the Doctor.  He is also familiar as Viserys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. He might bring an edge to the portrayal of the Doctor as he excels at playing villains!"

Aneurin Barnard is the Twelfth Doctor
Suggested by Pamela Jones, Harlech
"Some of the previous actors who have played the Doctor have moaned on about how far away it is from London (in terms of filming, not Tardis travel!) So why not Aneurin Barnard, a home grown Welsh actor who will only have to fall out of bed to be in the studio? I believe he is going to be in the forthcoming BBC show The White Queen so there may be an issue with that if his character in that series is ongoing and it gets renewed, but he was excellent alongside Karen Gillan in We’ll Take Manhattan.  Maybe not a forerunner in the betting stakes but you should always beware the dark horse…"

Sophie Okonedo is the Twelfth Doctor
Suggested by Matilda Sky, London
"The delectable Idris Alba is my first choice for male time lord, for female I'd go with Sophie Okonedo, cos they are really good at acting and also I fancy his pants off! For female time lord Anna friel IMHO is a bit pants at acting."

Editor's Note: We will include Idris Elba as a possible new Doctor to replace Matt Smith if someone nominates him for his acting powers rather than his physical appearance.  However, reluctantly, here he is - as imagined by Matilda.

James McAvoy is the Twelfth Doctor
Suggested by Liam Milross
 How about James McAvoy! He's a BRILLIANT actor and I feel his odd style would be perfect for the doctor. He also has a unique style which would create a unique doctor PLUS his looks are soft yet changeable.

James Frain is the Twelfth Doctor
Suggested by Mikkey Davy, Michigan
Maybe this is dumb but I would like James Frain. At 45, he wouldn’t be the youngest Doctor, but he also wouldn’t be the oldest. Frain would be a great choice for the Doctor, but he would definitely give a brooding portrayal over Smith’s comedy act. And I really like his look, maybe too old to go right after Smith but it depends on how the story goes. I've always felt like the doctor's changes have matched up with what is happening in his life. 9 was the brooding war vet suffering from some PTSD, Tennant was in love, Smith was a bit mad like he'd lost everything a few too many times. I'm excited to see where this new doctor will take us.

So who do you want in the Tardis?  Make your comments below. We will publish your comments and try to do a picture of your 'New Who' too in the main body of the article!

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