9 June 2013

One Man

When I give you a short preview of One Man it may not encourage you to watch it – on paper it does sound rather depressing.  However, One Man is a very sweet comedy drama.  A one man band, lonely and down on his luck goes through the paces of his day, unable to find a spot, harassed by youths and generally feeling low.  It seems this day represents the straw that breaks and he resolves to end it all.  However…(yes, thank goodness there is a however!)

One Man is directed by Matt Rhodes and written by Tony Pipes.   It stars Rob Jarvis who, if you have been scratching your head, you may have seen as hapless barman Eddie on the BBC show Hustle.  If that’s not where you are familiar with him, then name a popular British drama from the last decade, from Waterloo Road to Law and Order UK and you will no doubt have seen his face popping up on them.