23 June 2013

Hitchcock Assembled

Alfred Hitchcock maintained that cutting, in film editing terms, was something of a misnomer.  In fact, he said that rather than being cut from many different pieces a finished film was in fact assembled.  There is no better example of this than the infamous shower scene in Psycho where Janet Leigh is attacked by a mystery (at that point in the film) assailant.  There were over seventy different pieces of film used in that short sequence, both to heighten the terror of the audience and to box clever with the censors of the day.

This homage to both Hitchcock and Psycho was assembled by Brian Carroll who – appropriately enough – is an editor. He brings together scenes from the movie, excerpts of interviews with the director and Janet Leigh, and combines it with and some pretty nifty editing of the Anthony Hopkins movie Hitchcock to assemble a wonderful impression of how perhaps the greatest pioneer of cinematic suspense got away with it.