23 June 2013

The Best Recipe

The creators of The Best Recipe could have easily called their animated short Kung Fu Tapir and they would probably have got away with it.  However, that small act would have undermined their own film’s originality: it stands perfectly well on its own without any homage to feature length animations.  I have to say it is the first time I have seen a tapir as the hero in an animation – but if you know of one which I have overlooked, let me know!

This particular tapir is a hungry little chap and is attracted by the aroma of Siew Pao (a delicious pork filled bun) to enter the chef’s workshop.  However, the chef (who is busy trying – and failing – to perfect his recipe) isn’t too happy to have a tapir on the premises and battle ensues!

The Best Recipe was created by a group of students for their final project at the One Academy in Malaysia, Sia Ding Shen, Chew Kin Lek, Patrick Liow. Lim Mei Shyuan and Zhang Lu.