17 June 2013


When parents fall out of love it is never easy for any children born of the relationship.   Often they can feel overwhelmed by what is going on around them. Their powerlessness to control the situation is something they strongly sense and they can sometimes blame themselves for what is essentially out of their control.

Paradigm centers around two such children, Calvin and Lily.  Calvin is the older, pragmatic one. 
As with any paradigm the one presented to the children is interpreted by both (as the scientists, effectively), very differently.  Calvin may be the logical one but Lily at least has an idea how to fix the situation – to build a time machine and put it all right.  Together, the siblings manage to rationalize what their parents are going through.

This short, sweet but ever so slightly melancholy movie was written and directed by Stephen Boyer who elicits very strong performances from his young cast, Blake Hardy and Analise Schoenbaum.