28 June 2013


This is an odd and enigmatic short movie which means it has found its natural home here at Kuriositas..! A young woman, artistic but disenfranchised, lives in a nameless East European city. Her acts of rebellion from her grey surroundings come through her street art as well as her tattoos and piercings. One day she encounters a spiteful old woman who harbors a dark secret. There is a darkness to ColourBleed which reminds me of the fairy tales of the Brother Grimm.

ColourBleed was written and directed by Peter Szewczyk in association with BBC Film Network and BBC HD. This is his second outing as director but he has been involved in the visual effects of a multitude of movies, including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Dark Clouds, Avatar and The Day the Earth Stood Still to name but a few.