22 August 2011

Detroit Science Center Mass Lip Dub

OK, stand up who maintains that science (and scientists) are boring! Here is definitive proof that science is far from that – or at least the people involved with it.

For no apparent reason (except perhaps to have fun) the staff and members of the Detroit Science Center join, en masse, in a lip dub of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

As you watch it you will begin to get an idea of just how much organization must have gone in to this. First there were a couple of weeks pre-production in order to plan the event. Next the production department and singers rehearsed.  The final thing to do was to call all the members in and have an amazing night!

The whole lip dub extravaganza took a walk through and then five takes - it seems that all the kids were in bed on time (the low point for them I bet, and I can just imagine the parents trying to get them to settle after this excitement!). Of course, you can see that the people involved are not professional actors or singers and this makes this mass lip dub all the more fun for me.  Plus we get to see the whole of the Science Center and its facilties and exhibitions which is as good an advert as it could ever have.

With the best will in the world, there never seems to be a huge amount of good news coming out of Detroit.  Yet this not works as a great promo for the Detroit Science Center, it shows the city and its people in a wonderful light too.