28 August 2011

Urban Pacman

This is very, very silly – which we like. A lot. Take the Pacman game and place it in a real, urban environment and you get two things. First (I imagine) a lot of fun to be had by the filmmakers and secondly a very funny, extremely daft piece of film.

It was created by Directed by Sergej Hein with co-direction by David Moya and produced by Julian Holland. Filmed somewhere in Germany (I think) the most fun seens to have been by Gustavo and Davide who got to run around in life size Pacman and Inkey costumes.

Although the makers are probably far too young to remember this, those costumes reminded me of the giant outfits that contestants had to wear in the game show of yeasteryear It's a Knockout (or Jeux Sans Frontières if you are reading this on the mainland.

This just looks like huge, enormous, delirious fun. Can we have Space Invaders next, please? Tomorrow?