12 August 2011

Eliza Rickman - An Introduction

It’s always great to show new and unusual talent here at Kuriositas.  Although Eliza Rickman has been around a little while I had not heard about her until she was pointed out to me by Kuriositas reader Jill Simpson.  If you haven’t heard of her then do take a look at the video for the excellent single Cinnamon Bone, above.  I hope Jill does not mind if I use her own words, but it encapsulates the artist very well.

“This girl used to busk at my local farmers market, and she is AWESOME!!  She gave up her apartment, job and pet cat, and embarked on a nationwide 'tour' (in restaurants, coffee shops and even a lighthouse!), playing for tips, to fund a recording session to record her music, and 2 music videos.  She just completed a successful Kickstarter project (asked for $5k, got $11k!), and she's just super-talented and mysterious and whimsical. 

“The video was shot backwards at double speed and she backwards lip-synched the whole thing.  Haunting and beautiful! I sound like a publicist!  But I'm just a really big fan and think she deserves some exposure.

“I saw her again recently at the Pasadena Make Music festival here in Los Angeles, and heard a lot more of her music.  The more I hear, the more enthusiastic I become.  Her sound and style are really refreshing, and her voice is just superb and expressive.  Yeah, maybe I should become her publicist!”

Jill, thanks for the introduction to this wonderful and exciting new artist.  I loved the bareness of this, not to mention the very catchy tune as well.  In some ways she reminded me of a cross between Kate Bush and Siouxsie Sue.

Take a look at her video for Black Rose, which you can watch below.  Cool music and super stop motion animation – what more can I ask for? 

Please, folks, keep your ideas coming – without you this blog would not be half as interesting!