21 August 2011


Everyone has a different relationship with their father. Some can be problem free while others can have any number of issues.  While those first two sentences state the transparently obvious, this hand-drawn animated short film focuses on one rather more complex relationship between a son and his father.

Narrated by the son, we see the father through his eyes, perplexing, bewildering and somewhat mysterious – but always father. There are times when we realise we never truly know those to whom we are closest, despite having the most intimate of familial connections. Yet as is shown here, that does not preclude love.

This beautifully crafted and award winning short was written, animated and directed by Sebastian Danta, funded by the Australian Film Commission and produced by Sam Jennings. The music and sound is by Miles Nicholas and Jonathan Nix and it is wonderfully narrated by Joel Edgerton.