19 August 2011

Lucy And James

We thought we would give you the heads up about a new online comedy which will premier later in the year, created by Kuriositas reader Dave Thomas.  Dave was made redundant last year and so decided to do something about it for himself – Lucy and James is the result.

In a nutshell it is about the eponymous couple who, unfortunately, find themselves both made redundant at the same time.  What they decide to do about it is what you will see previewed here. It should put a smile on your face and as a teaser for the upcoming series promises a lot.

Anyone who has had the experience of getting the old heave ho from the world of employment recently will know that it can put a lot of strain on a relationship.  When it happens to both partners in a couple, the result can be, well, traumatic – and very funny too (but probably only if you’re in a sitcom!).  

Lucy and James will premiere later in the year – we will tell you when and where as we know.  We do not often feature trailers on Kuriositas, so please don’t overwhelm us with them!  However, this particularly took our fancy! If you would like to find out about more, including how it is being made on a zero budget, click the pic or here.